Sunday, April 15, 2012

Those of you in Europe may wish to check out this page: I won't be updating for a few days as you can tell from the schedule above.


  1. Well, I sure hope you do continue your blog :)

    Btw, if you enable comments by people without a Google/Open-ID account, then you'll probably get a few more comments too, so the blog won't seem that empty any more.

  2. I intend to continue to put up articles, going into cochlear filtering, loudness compression (in more detail), spatial sensation, and such, over time. Given both travel plans and other issues, I will probably make at most one post in May. I won't even be home until May 4, I'm presently in Edinburgh.

  3. More to the point, this is unlikely to see an update until August. It's interesting that I am busier in retirement than I was when I was working.